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Montreal's Museum Of Fine Arts Is Opening A Huge Outdoor Party Bar

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Montreal's Museum Of Fine Arts Is Opening A Huge Outdoor Party Bar

The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts is a world-renowned and architecturally stunning institution in the heart of downtown Montreal.

Spanning multiple buildings connected by underground tunnels, the MMFA is a fun place to explore and brush up on your cultural prowess. Who doesn't want to be pretentious and brag about their favourite artists?

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The museum event calendar is brimming with innovative and always photo-worthy public events, including, for example, a beach party earlier this month. Each event represents the pinnacle of Montreal society.

But next week the museum is hosting its most exciting summer spectacle yet and it's totally open and free to the public!

The evening of Aperitifs and Dancing is an outdoor party situated between four of the museum's most stunning and haunting façades on Ave. du Musée.

The event celebrates the opening of the new public art installation "Moving Dunes" by that will cover the street famous for its yearlong exhibits.

DJ Pierre Kwenders and an outdoor bar with drinks from the Microbrasserie 4 Origines will supplement the already extravagant evening.

Aperitifs and Dancing takes place next Wednesday June 20th from 5-9pm. Check out the Facebook event here.

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