Montreal's Museum Of Fine Arts Will Be Free For The Holidays

Unique and fun things to see await you.
Montreal's Museum Of Fine Arts Will Be Free For The Holidays

As I'm sure we're all aware, it's Montreal's 375th anniversary is in 2017. Which might still seem kind of far away to some of you, but just keep in mind that the new year is less than five weeks away.

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So, seeing as Montreal's big day (year?) is coming up very, very soon, it's safe to say that there are more than a few special things lined up to celebrate.

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And one super awesome things in the works involves everyone's favourite word: free.

In honour of Montreal's 375th, the Montreal Museum Of Fine Arts (1380 Rue Sherbrooke O) is allowing access to their newly-installed Michael and Renata Hornstein Pavillion for Peace for free, until January 15.

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The Michael and Renata Hornstein Pavillion for Peace has tons of installations, including modern and contemporary art, classic Old Master paintings, and more.

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Plus, as an added bonus, the pavillion was designed especially to look out over the city and give visitors a view that legit can't be beat. So, for free, you'll get to see gorgeous works of art and an unparalleled view of our gorgeous city.

Win-win? You know it.

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For more information on this, check out the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts' website.

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