Montreal's New App That Lets You Track Your STM Bus In Real-Time Is Finally Ready

We've been waiting for this for a very long time for awhile there it seemed like only a dream, but now it's actually becoming a reality.

Last year the STM announced that they were going to tracking their buses in real-time.

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The only problem is that so far, all the bus tracking screens are located at bus stops. That means actually have to walk to the bus stop to know when the next bus is coming, which sort of defeats the purpose. 

But now the STM is finally done creating their new "real-time bus tracking app".

So now you'll never have to get to the stop ahead of time just in case the bus is early. And if the bus is late, then you'll know ahead of time and you can plan accordingly. 

The app is currently being rolled out to STM employees so they can make sure the timers are accurate. And the app will be available for the public to download in October.


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