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Montreal's New Azur Metro Cars Are Going Live On Sunday

Amazing news.
Montreal's New Azur Metro Cars Are Going Live On Sunday

We waited a hella long time, but it's happening: Montreal's brand new Azur metro cars will be rolling on the tracks starting this Sunday.

News broke this morning when the STM made the announcement official, stating how the Azur cars are ready to take on real passengers.

While you may have spotted the new Azur cars riding around on the STM network before, these were preliminary tests, and no one was really on board.

We're definitely mad jazzed to be able to get on board these bad ass new metro trains, with the first leaving Henri-Bourassa on Sunday morning at 10am. A whole media event/ceremony will take place to commemorate the inaugural Azur train ride.

No word on exactly how many Azur model trains will be taking to the tracks Sunday and when they'll makeup the majority of STM network. All 468 are planned for 2018, though.

Unfortunately commissioning ceremony isn't open to the public.

You can find more details on the Azur commissioning ceremony here, or just get to Henri-Bourassa station by 10am.

And if you're wondering why the new Azur cars are even a big deal, check out all of the sweet features they'll be equipped with here.

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