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Montreal's New Champlain Bridge Will Cost $5 Billion Of Your Dollars

A new budget for everyone's favourite construction project.
Montreal's New Champlain Bridge Will Cost $5 Billion Of Your Dollars

Photo cred - Ashraf Mahmud

A newly released budget for the reconstruction of the Champlain Bridge has broke the billions-on-billions mark, as the projected cost has reached a total of up to $5 billion by 2018, according to the Gazette.

Of the many Quebec-construction projects to be partially funded by the federal government in 2014, the Champlain Bridge eats up a huge portion of the budget. $147 million will be spent in 2014 alone, 40% of Ottawa's entire spending budget of $364 million.

Given this spending model, and estimations based on the state of disrepair the Champlain is currently in, the bridge's total budget has been boosted to $5 billion.

Luckily, 85% of new construction on the Champlain will occur underneath the bridge and will not involve any lane closures. So if you drive over the Champlain to get to work, you're in luck, at least until they start charging tolls.

Even with the federal governments help, there's still a lot of money needed to fill in the gaps of the Champlin's new budget. Prepare your pockets to be emptied.

Are you okay with the Champlain's new budget?

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