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Montreal's New "Miami" Theme Cocktail Bar You Gotta Check Out ASAP

A tropical destination in the city.
Montreal's New "Miami" Theme Cocktail Bar You Gotta Check Out ASAP

Have you ever gone out for cocktails with your friends but really wished you were sipping them on a tropical beach instead? You'd be surrounded by palm trees, lounging on a beach chair on sand, with a nice cold, fruity drink in your hands. 

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This summer really hasn't been the best for us Montrealers, weather-wise. Every time we think it's about to get warm and sunny, the rain comes back to prove us wrong. I think we've all been missing that summer heat more than usual. 

Well, now there's an all-new cocktail spot in Old Montreal where you'll feel like you're actually in a tropical destination! 

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It's called Boho Montreal and it's located at 436 St Francois Xavier Street. This place is teeming with lush, green plants, the wallpaper is even covered plants! The decor in this place is seriously on another level. 

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They serve some insane summer cocktails like their popsicle cocktail, which has an actual popsicle IN the cocktail! They also have a menu with foods like tacos and poke bowls! 

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If you're looking for an escape from the city where you can feel like you're relaxing on a beach in Miami, this is the spot to go! 

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Check out their Facebook page for more information.