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Montreal's New "Pan-Asian Restaurant" You've Gotta Check Out ASAP

Pad thai, general tao, peanut butter dumplings and more!
Montreal's New "Pan-Asian Restaurant" You've Gotta Check Out ASAP

The restaurants in this city are honestly like none other. We take everything to do with restaurants seriously here and there's a few things that make certain restaurants stand out. The food has to be amazing, the decor has to be cool and creative and the atmosphere has to be upbeat and exciting! 

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That's what makes a restaurant popular in Montreal and this new restaurant does everything so well! 

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It's called Maneki Comptoir Asiat' and it's located at 3121 Rue Hochelaga in Montreal's Hochelaga area! It's not completely new, since they opened up at the end of last summer but there's definitely tons of people that still need to discover this amazing spot!

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This awesome restaurant serves Pan-Asian cuisine, which is cuisines from all over Asia, not just one area. Some of their best dishes include peanut butter dumplings, general tao, pad thai, chicken mayo, fried rice, Cantonese noodles and so much more! 

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Not only is their food insanely delicious, their decor and interior design is stunning! Everything is blue and white, they have a neon sign, and of course tons of Maneki-neko waving cat figurines which is where their fun name comes from! 

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You know you're in for an amazing meal and good time chilling and eating the night away with friends here! 


Check out theirFacebook page for more information. 

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