Montreal's Newest "Escape Game" To Open In The West Island

The demand for escape games is rapidly growing, so A/Maze is giving the people what they want. Montreal's premier "escape the room" company is giving birth to not 1, but 3 brand new adventures, opening soon at Fairview Pointe Claire!

For those unfamiliar with the concept, escape games put your problem-solving and survival skills to the ultimate test, where you need to uncover clues and crack codes in order to escape different rooms before time runs out.

The whole escape game trend started in the heart of Montreal, where we already have 6 different escape games, and another one opened at Quartier Dix30 just recently. Well now, people of the West Island, you won't have to drive an eternity anymore to enjoy your very own A/Maze experience.

The exact details of A/Maze's new location haven't all been released yet, but we do know that the themes of the new rooms will be: A pirate ship, a museum robbery, and a circus.

Check out A/Maze's website for more information.

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