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Montreal's Newly Upgraded "Parking App" You Gotta Download ASAP

Avoiding parking tickets has never been simpler.
Montreal's Newly Upgraded "Parking App" You Gotta Download ASAP

Guys, I just bought my first car earlier this year, and let me tell you one thing: the struggle is too real.

Don't get me wrong, driving is great. I wouldn't give it up the freedom and convenience of having a car for anything.

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But driving in Montreal can get a little complicated, with construction, traffic, pot holes, parking... it's a little bit of a mess.

Which is exactly why, whenever something comes around to help out those of us who love driving in the city (despite whatever hardships might come our way), I am all over it.

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Just like the P$ Service Mobile mobile parking app. Created by Stationnement de Montréal, the app's been around for a little while - but this time, it's gotten a more modern, sleek, and well-organized makeover! 

Fundamentally, though, it's still one seriously valuable tool if you're a driver in the city of Montreal. In fact, I'd say you legit cannot keep driving in the city without this app.

And if you already have the app from before, you'll have to download the new version in order to keep using your account as the older version will no longer work.

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The app makes life super easy by letting you pay the parking meter right from your phone, for one. So you can forget about having to search for a meter after finally finding the perfect spot: just park, enter the space number, and pay right from the comfort of your car. 

The P$ Service Mobile app also lets you set reminders for when you've got to top up, so no more forgetting to feed the meter and coming back to a nasty surprise (read: parking ticket). 

You can also add more time to your parking meter right from your phone, wherever you are; so the days of rushing out of a fun event or leaving in the middle of a big presentation, all to avoid getting a parking ticket, are long over.

With the new version, you also have the ability to add a second credit card to your account.

Sidenote: if the worst has happened and you have gotten yourself a parking ticket, well, don't worry. The app's taken the grunt work out of paying for your parking tickets, too, by including built-in links to pay it off online. 

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Of course, the app is app solutelyfree to download (sorry guys, I had to), so you've got nothing at all to lose by downloading it. In fact, considering that P$ Service Mobile can help you avoid a sick parking ticket... I'd say you've got everything to win by downloading it. There is only a utilization fee of 0.07$ as opposed to the 0.20$ from the older version. Which, cmon, is still pretty amazing?!

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Discover more about the P$ Service Mobile app on their Facebook and website; and check it out on the App Store and Android Market to download it!