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Montreal's Next-Generation "Escape The Room" Game Is Here

Channel your inner spy.
Montreal's Next-Generation "Escape The Room" Game Is Here

If you've ever attempted to solve an escape game before, you not only know how extremely difficult it is to do but also how insanely fun they are. All the rage right now in this city, escape games are challenging to say the least, but we just found out that Montreal's highest-rated escape game company, Obsidem, have just launched a whole new kind of live-action gaming experience unlike anything we've seen before.

Mysteriously known only as Project X, this is actually not really an escape at all. Exiting the room is not even the priority, and the standard puzzles typical to the activity no longer apply. Instead, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is channeling your inner spy to complete all objectives and scoring the most points to earn yourself a spot on Obsidem's online leaderboard!

Split into two teams and each given a clear set of objectives and challenges prior to starting, you’ll need to use your ingenuity to stay out of sight of patrolling guards, hack custom-made electronic security systems, disable cameras, use high-tech gear to look around corners and other cool gadgets to achieve your goals. Your team won’t be aware of the other team’s objectives, but will have to eventually cooperate along the way in order to complete the mission.

Project X accommodates 4-8 players and time limit depends on the game mode (extended vs. regular). The mission and challenges varies by team, so you're always kept guessing, and whether you’re a gamer, a movie enthusiast or even if you’re none of these, this is a great team game to test your spy skills, and more importantly, see how much smarter you are than your friends.

Check out Obsidem's Facebook page and official website to reserve a visit to Project X or any of their other immersive scenarios.