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Montreal's No Pants Metro Ride Will Get Scandalous Next Weekend On The Orange Line

Get ready for a more revealing STM metro ride.
Montreal's No Pants Metro Ride Will Get Scandalous Next Weekend On The Orange Line

Photo cred - Vincent Laurin

All the way back in 2002, seven friends decided it would be funny to ride the NYC metro without any pants on. The friend group, who comprise NYC's prank collective Improv Everywhere, never knew the stunt would catch on like fire, and become the anual worldwide event  known as the The No Pants Subway Ride.

In the last two years, the pants-less public transit ride invaded Montreal, with the city hosting a No Pants Subway (or Metro) Ride in 2013 and 2014. The new year will be no different, with a No Pants Metro Ride 2015 set to be held on January 11th, 2015.

Unlike a lot of public stunts, the No Pants Metro Ride doesn't have an ulterior motive for social change or awareness of an issue. Instead, the event is held simply to spice things up in the dead of winter, and make a ride on the metro a little more fun, and scandalous. Participants are actually asked to not act any different, and remain totally straight-faced, to let everyone else on the metro freak out, if they do.

The organizers of Montreal's No Pants Metro Ride (who brought the event from NYC after they participated in 2012) have a simple checklist on the Facebook event page for people wondering what they need to participate. Here's what you'll need:

  • The desire to ride the metro without any pants (duh)
  • The ability to maintain composure/ a "straight" face
  • A bag to put your pants into once you get into a metro station
  • A metro ticket/OPUS card

If all of the above is within your means, and fits your fancy, then congratulations, you are an ideal candidate to participate in the Montreal No Pants Subway Ride of 2015. The event itself will take place at 2:30pm on January 11th, starting at Mont-Royal station. Get all the info here, and take a look at a video from the 2013 event below.

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