Montreal's October 2014 "Blood Moon" To Take Over The City's Sky Tomorrow

What it is and where to watch.
Montreal's October 2014 "Blood Moon" To Take Over The City's Sky Tomorrow

Photo cred - Bill Binns

Be sure to wake up extra early on Wednesday morning so you can witness the rise of a glorious Blood Moon in the skies of Montreal. Incredibly appropriate for the month of October, things will get extra spooky in the early morning with this bone-pale and blood-red celestial body staring down from the sky.

The Blood Moon of October 8th will first appear in the sky at 5am, though Montrealers will be able to best see the its at around 6:30am, according to Don't worry if you're not up that early, as the Bloood Moon will still be visible until about 8am.

A "Blood Moon," for those wondering, is essentially just another word for a lunar eclipse. As the moon moves into a position opposite of the Earth, some light makes its way past the Earth to the natural satellite, first skimming the Earth's surface which creates a reddish glow that strikes the moon, giving the eclipse its namesake, which apparently is a new term unheard of by astronomers until this year.

Tomorrow morn's Blood Moon will be the second of four eclipses, a set referred to as a "tetrad." Each eclipse is seperated by six months, so the next two will occur in April 2015 and the last in October 2015, with the first having already occured last April.

To fully maximize the bloody glory of the lunar eclipse,try out these 10 Montreal spots for moon-viewing, if you're up early enough, that is.

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