Montreal's Official Christmas Tree Is Ugly As F*ck

The city's very own 'Charlie Brown Christmas tree'.
Montreal's Official Christmas Tree Is Ugly As F*ck

A few weeks back, the city Montreal was proud to announce that we would be getting a giant Christmas tree.

But not just any Christmas tree, first they said it would the biggest Christmas tree in the country, then they went even further and said it would be the biggest one in the world.

As if that wasn't a hard enough goal, they then claimed that they wanted it to be bigger and more impressive than the one at Rockefeller Center.

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Let me just say right off the bat. We will NEVER have a tree nicer than the one at Rockefeller Center, because we don't have anywhere near the budget they have. The star on top of their tree alone is worth $100,000, and it's made of Swarovski crystals.

Oddly enough, after all that bragging, when the tree was finally put up at the Place des Festivals. There were no mentions of the height.

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We figured it would be the first thing they were going to brag about, but nowhere did we find any measurements at all.

And now, we know why. It's because the tree isn't the biggest tree in Canada, or as big as the one at Rockefeller Center. but what's really sad is that it's not even a nice tree to begin with.

The organizers don't seem to be too proud about it either, since they didn't even post any pictures of the tree on their social media pages.

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Meanwhile, people online have started calling a big version of the Charlie Brown tree.

It's not even decorated nicely, we knew it was going to be sponsored by Canadian Tire but I didn't realize it was going to be covered from top to bottom in Canadian Tire logos.

And we thought this thing couldn't get any uglier

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