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Montreal's Official Christmas Tree To Be Set Up At Place Ville-Marie For 2016

The most magical time of the year.
Montreal's Official Christmas Tree To Be Set Up At Place Ville-Marie For 2016

It has become a symbol of the holiday season, and no Christmas would be complete without it.

There's just something magical about Christmas trees that simply cannot be put into words.

Each year, Montreal sets up it's own giant illuminated Christmas tree on Place Ville Marie, and and this year will be no different.

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The tree is 20 meters high and it take over 13,000 individual lights to illuminate it.

Depending on your age, it may seem like the tree has always been there, but in reality there was a time where the tree didn't exist.

The year was 1962 and Place Ville-Marie had recently opened, Christmas was arriving quickly and the new square needed a worthy decoration. So they decided on a 20 meter high tree that was shipped in from the Laurentians.

That's right, the "Christmas tree" used to be an actual tree. So what changed? Why did we replace a real tree with a fake reproduction made of wires?

The answer is actually sort of funny.

via @placevillemarie

You see, when the tree was first installed, the people who were responsible for the project did not take into consideration the wind.

The way Place Ville-Marie is built, creates a sort of wind tunnel, and everything gets blown towards where the tree stands.

So when they put the tree up, it kept getting blown down by the wind. It may sound funny, but when a 20 meter tall tree covered in electric wires and big spiky ornaments comes crashing down, you don't want to be anywhere near it.

They stood the tree back up, only the problem kept happening. And since Place Ville Marie didn't want to murder someone with a Christmas tree (coolest obituary ever?), they eventually replaced it with a tree made of cables and wires to allow the wind to pass through it.

Apparently every year 1,000 light get stolen from the tree. People show up, take pictures and snag themselves a little souvenir before leaving.

Don't get any ideas...


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