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Montreal's Official "Zombie Walk" Will Take Over The City Just In Time For Halloween

Release the undead on this unique haunted night.
Montreal's Official "Zombie Walk" Will Take Over The City Just In Time For Halloween

The haunted season is upon us, and many spooky and scary festivals will be making their way to the city within the next few months. Luckily, if you're a fan of Halloween, being scared out of your mind, and all things undead, this is the event for you.

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This year, on October 27, Montrealers and visitors from across the world will be able to participate in the famous Montreal Zombie Walk that's held annually in the city. Festival-goers have the chance to create the ultimate "zombie" outfit to haunt the streets in. Whether you're participating yourself or are just intrigued by the idea that thousands of flesh-eating monsters will be roaming the streets, you do not want to miss this one-day event.

Seriously, just take a look at the unbelievable photos of the undead from last years festival!

There will be makeup booths available to visit before the walk to ensure you're looking your absolute zombie best (or worst). You can also find photobooths to capture a picture of your undead self, as well as animations and live shows throughout the event to augment the apocalyptic atmosphere.

Past festivals in the city have welcomed thousands of "zombies" that seriously make this the most haunted day Montreal sees each year. You can even expect to find a few zombie after-parties around the city to extend your spooky celebrations late into the night. 

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The fun starts at 1:00PM at Place des Festivals, with ghoulish souls marching through the streets until 6:00PM.

For more information on Montreal's Zombie Walk, click HERE. 

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