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Montreal's Old Port Is Hosting A Free New Year's Party & Fireworks At Place Jacques Cartier

The party of the year.
Montreal's Old Port Is Hosting A Free New Year's Party & Fireworks At Place Jacques Cartier

Photo cred - Dom Bernier

Finding legit New Year's Eve plans is easier said than done. Most events will be intensely stuffed with people you don't really want to be around, and the actually enjoyable events will cost you more than a few pretty pennies. Merry Montreal is solving both those NYE woes this year with Le Party Du Nouvel An Coca Cola, a free new year's party you can go to with all your friends and family.

To be held at Place Jacques-Cartier, Le Party Du Nouvel An Coca Cola will be a magical evening full of tunes and entertainment. The night will start off with a DJ set, then local Quebec performers, including Alex Nevsky,  Les Soeurs Boulay and Bernard Adamus will take to the stage and wow you with their original tunes.

Marking midnight will be the most magical part of Le Party Du Nouvel An Coca Cola, as right when the clock strikes twelve, the sky will light up with colour thanks to a huge fireworks show put on by Telus. Ring in the new year with a celestial spectacle, one that will make your New Year's Eve kiss incredibly romantic.

Once the fireworks finish, the DJ booth will be booming again and you'll be taken into New Year's Day with plenty of tunes. Making sure you have enough energy to keep partying 'til the early morn will be the Coca-Cola "brigade du bonheur," which will be giving out plenty of samples and swag.

Merry Montreal are the folks behindLe Party Du Nouvel An Coca Cola, who have already begun to make Montreal incredibly festive with tons of ongoing events. The Merry Montreal team is throwing events and activation all throughout the holiday season, like free holiday film screenings, so be sure to check out what else is going on in Old Montreal before NYE at the Merry Montreal website here.

Le Party Du Nouvel An Coca Cola by Merry Montreal will begin at 7pm on Wednesday, December 31st in Place Jacque-Cartier.

Get all the info by heading to the official Merry Montreal event listing here.

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