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Montreal's Old Port Is Hosting A "Skating Rink Party" Tonight

Skating + dancing = all the fun.
Montreal's Old Port Is Hosting A "Skating Rink Party" Tonight

Photo cred - Vieux-Port de Montreal

Skating, hot chocolate, and Dj sets will combine tonight into what will surely be the perfect party to kick off the holiday season. Whether its with your SO or a few pals, nothing beats such a winter-y trinity, to be enjoyed this evening at the Old Port Skating Rink.

Officially this event is the "Free Montreal Old Port Skating & Hot Chocolate Day" put on by Keurig. Details for the event dropped last week, with all of the free ticket slots quickly selling out. Don't fret though, as you can still head to the event by buying a ticket at regular price, which is only about $6.60 for an adult.

Beginning at 5pm and running until 9pm, the Old Port's Skating Rink Party will have an on-site Keurig food truck handing out free coffee and hot chocolate, tunes provided by DJ Eloïze, and plenty of pretty people skating about and enjoying one of the only enjoyable outdoor activities the season has to offer. Not bad for about $7.

If you managed to grab a free ticket, be sure to print it out before heading to the event. All y'all who weren't that quick can head to the Old Port's skating rink online page for more details and ticket info.

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