Montreal's Old Port Is Throwing An End Of Summer "Oyster Boat Party" Next Weekend

The most delicious boat party of the year.
Montreal's Old Port Is Throwing An End Of Summer "Oyster Boat Party" Next Weekend

Photo cred - Lynn Friedman

If you missed OysterFest last weekend and experienced an intense case of seafood-FOMO, you've got another chance to simultaneously enjoy oysters, drink and dance next weekend in Montreal. Heck, even if you did, you won't want to miss The Oyster Party at Croisière Le Montréalais on Friday, September 19th, which should prove be on the same level of oyster-awesomeness.

An annual event now entering its 6th installment, The Oyster Party is a by-the-water party on a boat by Quai Alexandra, so apropos for an oyster-centric event. Boarding begins with a 5 à 7, and a DJ will spin beats to get you in the mood for oysters and partying.

Once the drinks are done, the oyster-feast begins, and we do mean feast, as The Oyster Party will have four different services, which include oysters on oysters, as you'd expect. Your taste buds will be treated to oyster chowder with champagne, oyster and bacon vol-au-vent, and a full-on oyster bar, along with dessert.

Dinner will end at 10pm, and that's when the party aspect kicks into high gear. Party on a 'til about 1am with a crowd hopped up on oysters, a legendary aphrodisiac - so you know, put two and two together.

Space is limited at Croisière Le Montréalais' Oyster Party. Only 150 spots are available, so get your tickets here while they're in stock.

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