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Montreal's Old Port Is Hosting An Afternoon Boozy Boat Party This Weekend

Dirty Dogs Montreal have set the bar to a new high when it comes to Sunday day drunk.
Montreal's Old Port Is Hosting An Afternoon Boozy Boat Party This Weekend

Few parties offer you the chance to get daydrunk on a boat while you eat delicious food and dance to the beats of multiple Montreal DJs, but #LeBrunch, the Dirty Dogs Montreal Boat party, has all that and more. Setting sails on Sunday July 27th, this will be an exclusive yacht party full of the finest debauchery, plus you'll finally get to play Lonely Island's "I'm On A Boat" without being completely ironic.

#LeBrunch by the ever so famous "Dirty Dogs Montreal" is going to have everything a good party needs: a fully stocked bar (with bottle service), a gigantic set-list of Montreal's best DJs (Jay London, Arabika, + more), and the best kind of drunk food served by Dirty Dogs themselves.

Only 300 tickets are going to be sold for #LeBrunch, which means you'll want to 'nab one (or a few for your friends) while they last. Tickets cost $40, but before you get in a huff, that includes all-day access to the yacht, 3 servings of mini Dirty dogs, 2 plates of side dishes, and a mimosa (or beermosa if you'd prefer, cuz we do indeed) which all in all is a pretty good deal, especially when you factor in the DJ sets.

Beginning at 2pm, #LeBrunch will go on all day, way past sunset, 'til midnight. Lets hope you can last that long, but we're not worried, we know you know a there's no better way to spend a Sunday than partying all day and night.

To get your tickets you can buy them here or head to Dirty Dogs Montreal (map) or call ahead at 514-508-DOGS (3647)

Check out the facebook event here and follow Dirty Dogs Montreal on facebook here.

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