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Montreal's Old Port Needs To Host A "Dinner In The Sky" Event This Fall

Nothing beats dinner with a view.
Montreal's Old Port Needs To Host A "Dinner In The Sky" Event This Fall

Photo cred - Dinner In The Sky

A meal paired with an amazing view can truly enhance a meal, even more so than a great wine or cocktail. Providing a meal for your other senses (sight and touch) the view of a city from way up high just makes dinner more magical. That's why the CN Tower has a 360 Restaurant, as does the Empire State Building, and why Dinner In The Sky came to Montreal back in 2011.

Montreal's Dinner In The Sky took to the peaks of the Old Port, offering a 5-course meal to 22 guests on a retractable platform raised 10 stories into the air. The event itself was held in summer 2011, and the city has gone without a supper on the skyline since then, though we think the event should definitely come back for fall.

Autumn, the season of change, offers an even more amazing view of Montreal than summer. If the Dinner in the Sky platform was placed near Mount Royal (and it can be placed nearly anywhere) dinner guests would get an amazing view of the mountain's brightly coloured foliage. Weather may not be entirely ideal in fall, but if guests prepare accordingly with coats and scarves, an outdoor dinner is totally feasible.

Not needing to be linked to a specific festival or event, a fall Dinner in the Sky would be amazing anytime during the season. But, if some extra incentive was needed (possible for funding purposes) we think the city-wide restaurant festival, MTL à TABLE, would be play the perfect host to an autumn sky-supper. It may be kinda cold by then, but whatever, it's a fancy dinner in the sky, and outdoor heaters are totally a thing. MTL à TABLE, or Oktoberfest, 'cuz who wouldn't want pints in the sky?

Find out more about Dinner in the Sky and how to get it back in Montreal by checking out the website here and Facebook here.

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