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Montreal’s Old Port Now Has A Summer Haunted House

A totally different kind of thing to do in the city.

Alright, now that summer is here, it's time to reconnect with all our favourite things: volleyball, sunbathing and... haunted houses? Well, sure. It's not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the warmer months, but everyone loves a good scare right?

PEUR DEPOT is Montreal's ultimate haunted house. An experience not for the faint of heart, boasting that "over 16, 000 visitors have chickened out" from going through their haunted halls. Needless to say, PEUR DEPOT will have you screaming with every step you take.

The activities at this event cover quite a range. You have to defeat a "virus that has contaminated two containers of fear", and see if you can survive the first three stages of being "infected". However, the activities change from year to year, so you really have to check it out for yourself.


Summer / 26th JUNE to 30th AUGUST

TUESDAY to SUNDAY – 1pm to 11pm

Back from Summer / 4th SEPTEMBER to 27th SEPTEMBER

FRIDAY, SATURDAY – 1pm to 11pm – SUNDAY 1pm to 9pm

Autumn / 1st OCTOBER to 1st NOVEMBER

THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY – 1pm to 11pm – SUNDAY – 1pm to 9pm

If you're interested in learning more about PEUR DEPOT, head on over to their official website.

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