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Montreal’s Old Port Skating Rink To Open Soon

Glide into the holiday spirit.

I don't know how many times I've said it, but I'll say it a million times more: in my world, the holidays officially begin November 1, the second after Halloween ends.

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Which means we are firmly in holiday season, people. And there's absolutely nothing better to do during the holidays than ice skate.

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Ice skating is pretty much the quintessential holiday activity... and there's no better spot to go ice skating in the city than in Montreal's Old Port.

The Old Port skating rink seriously has it all: it's got romance, fun, decorations, lights, and to top things off, it's outdoors. So you know you're in for one seriously fun skatexperience (that was a terribly play on words, sorry guys).

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This year, the skate rink at the Old Port doesn't have a set opening date just yet (it depends on the weather), but we called the Old Port and were told it could open up around mid-December.

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As always, though, make sure you check out the Old Port's official website for updates on the skating rink and other winter activities.

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