Montreal's Old Port Skating Rink Will Be Open 'Til 2am Next Week

Photo cred - Vieux-Port de Montreal

Normally during the holidays, everything in the city is either closed or operating under reduced hours, which makes it hard to have fun and get out, especially when you've been overexposed to your family, who you love, just not for extended periods of time. An exception to that rule will be the Old Port skating rink, as it will actually extend its hour of operation over the holidays.

Technically, the Old Port Skating Rink will only be open extra long on one special evening. Going four hours past its regular closing time of 10pm, the Old Port Skating rink will be open 'til 2am next week, on New Year's Eve. Vieux-Port de Montréal made the announcement on their Facebook page, and can be see on the official times and details on the Old Port website.

So, if you so choose, you can skate right into 2015. A more low-key NYE idea over a bar, party, or club, an evening skating will still be made magical thanks to the free fireworks show in the Old Port set to go off at midnight. And if you're really fiending some party-action, you can always take a break from skating and head to the free New Year's party to be held at Place Jaques Cartier.

Photo cred – PartyWithSylvain (Photo taken at Omisoka 2014)

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