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Montreal's Old STM Metro Car "House" You'll Want To Live In

If you're from the city this is a dream come true.
Montreal's Old STM Metro Car "House" You'll Want To Live In

When the new AZUR metro cars started rolling onto the tracks, the first question on everyone's mind was: "What the hell are they going to do with all those old metro cars."

First, they wanted to sell them to the public:

STM Selling Old Metro Cars For $750

Then some people suggested the city should use them to build Metro themed condo building / Metro station.

Montreal’s Saint-Laurent Metro Station Could Be Redesigned With 100 Old STM Metro Cars

And we actually devised 10 other thing we could use the metro cars for.

10 Unique Ways Montreal Could Reuse The Old STM Metro Cars

And now another idea has surfaced.

Two brothers named Frédéric and Étienne Morin-Bordeleau revealed a special project this morning to recycle 8 Montreal Metro cars in to a futuristic looking 3 story building.

The building would be located in the South West and according to the brothers, it would house an art gallery.

Personally I prefer the idea of the condo building because nothing would have made me happier as a child than having a bedroom build inside a metro car.

The purpose of the building hasn't been determined yet either way since this is just an idea being floated around.

But realistically I'd be happy with any building that would incorporate the iconic cars into the facade.

What do you think of this project?

Do you have any better ideas for how to recycle the old metro cars?

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