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Montreal's Olympic Park Is Hosting A Free "Winter Food Truck Festival"

The most delicious way to beat the cold.
Montreal's Olympic Park Is Hosting A Free "Winter Food Truck Festival"

Montreal's food trucks are synonymous with the summer season, as the purveyors of veritable meals on wheels pack it in for a majority of the colder months. Unfortunately, this creates a distinct lack of (mildly) affordable and easy accessible creative edible delights during the winter.

That sad reality of Montreal winter won't be so for one night, thanks to "SnowFood," the winter food truck festival that is once again taking over the Olympic Park on Nuit Blanche.

Five unique food trucks will be rolled up right inside the Olympic Park's l'Esplanade Financière Sunlife, accompanied by on-site bars doling out beverages and tunes to add a melody to your gorging.

With free entry, SnowFood will run from 5pm to 2am on Nuit Blanche, ensuring you can satisfy your munchies from the early eve to the early morn. And with the all-night metro service, you'll be able to fairly easily.

To get your taste buds excited, here are the five food food trucks that will be feeding your hunger at SnowFood:

  • Phoenix 1 (Montreal's naanwich kings)
  • Camion Au Pied de Cochon (from the acclaimed Duluth street eatery)
  • Dasfoodtruck (two of them, actually, so expect double the schnitzel)
  • Mi Corazon (makers of Mexican munch-ables)
  • Boîte à Fromages (cheese, 'nuff said)

SnowFood will be going down at the Olympic Park on February 27th, aka Nuit Blanche. For more details on the foodtastic event, head to the official Facebook event page here.

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