Montreal's Olympic Park Just Opened An Outdoor Cafe-Terrasse That You Gotta Check Out ASAP

Man, I swear, if I don't make it to all these summer villages in Montreal I'm going to be so disappointed! 

Montreal's Olympic Park just opened up their incredible summer village and market for the season, and if you don't already know about it - wake up! You're missing out. 

It seems everywhere you go in Montreal summer villages, beer gardens, outdoor venues just pop up everywhere you look. Trust me, though, when I say this one is different!

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The Olympic Park summer village is more than just your average cafe-terrasse bar space outside for the season. For one thing, it feels slightly bigger. Now, I know in reality this probably isn't true, but the circular layout and design makes it much more accommodating for crowds. 

One of the best parts about this summer village is their outdoor pizza oven. Seriously, they're simple mini pizzas, super cheap, and they make right there on the spot. They do not deserve to be so delicious, but they are! 

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They also have one of the biggest, and in my opinion one of the best local artisan markets, one could find! When I went here last year, I stumbled upon an artist that I love and is now hanging in my living room - and it is rare I actually go back to buy something. 

Olympic Park's summer garden will, of course, have a great bar stocked with local brews and other beverages, but this space is also a great spot for families and kids. Or just those who want to get involved in something around their community.

There will also be a collection of DJs, live music, and dedicated dance nights throughout the summer. Sometimes they even pull in free circus performances! 

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There is a henhouse, a vegetable garden, gardening workshops and other activities happening all summer long. 

On their Saturday events, they even have impromptu Mario-Kart style races (I'm not exactly sure what this means), mini-golf and Pétanque, too! So, obviously, this summer village is fun for all ages. 

Via lesjardineries

The Garden Center is a model for the sustainable and environmentally responsible reappropriation of post-Olympic spaces by citizens. Formerly concreted and closed to the public, the Esplanade has become a wonderful garden accessible 7 days a week, a green oasis in the heart of the Hochelaga-Maisonneuve district.

You can find this Montreal summertime gem at 4115 ave Pierre de Coubertin and follow their official Facebook page for more information. 

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