Montreal's Olympic Park To Get "Terrasses" And More Green Spaces?

Photo cred - Journal Metro

The Montreal Olympic Stadium could really use a face lift. Yes, the grounds have repurposed to host several seasonal events (First Fridays in the summer, the recently opened Winter Village) though many Montrealers know the Big O lost its glamour and magnetism a long time ago. What the Olympic Stadium needs is a fresh injection of life, and Journal Métro's Mathias Marchal believes the city's students have the answer.

In fall 2013, 33 fourth year architecture students partook in the Chaire UNESCO en paysage et environnement de l’Université de Montréal which focused on the Olympic Stadium and park, with the theme of "re-enchanting public areas."

8 different propositions were submitted to revitalize the Olympic Stadium's grounds, each of which have their own merits. Four chosen by Marchal are below, with title and images. We're not so sure about a zoo, but having shops and a big green terrasse would definitely be cool.

Check out 4 of the propositions below, and read all eight of them here. As always, let us know what you think would be the best addition to the Big O area.

The "Lake Mirror" Plan

The Outdoor Zoo Plan

Photo cred - Journal Metro

The Esplanade Into A Grass Terrasse Plan

The Outdoor Boutique Plan

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