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Montreal's Olympic Stadium Lit Up With Pokémon GO Team Colours

You know the city has lost its mind when...
Montreal's Olympic Stadium Lit Up With Pokémon GO Team Colours

This morning, I was procrastinating on Reddit when I saw a bunch of pictures of the Olympic stadium lit up in different colors.

At first it made me sad because all I could think was: "I wonder which country got hit by a terrorist attack this time."

But as it turns out, there's something weird going on.

It all started in Toronto where people have been spreading rumors that the CN tower's color was changing depending on which Pokémon GO Team owned the nearby gym.


It made sense, why else would the color be changing so often for no reason?

But it turns out it was total bullshit. A spokesperson for the CN tower claims that the tower does not light up for any commercial products or events, according to Buzzfeed Canada.

So that's a bummer.

But that doesn't explain why the CN is changing colors or why the Olympic stadium I changing colors for that matter.

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You see, the same rumor has been going around in Montreal for the last few days. There are 3 gyms nearby (One of them is inside the stadium) so the theory makes sense.

But when we contacted the Olympic stadium, no one could confirm nor deny the rumor.

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And again, that still doesn't explain why the colors are changing so often.

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