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Montreal's Olympic Stadium Ranked #1 Over-Budget Project In The World

There are no words...

Oh, The Big O. Loved by some, deemed garish by others, though at times still pretty useful today, the Montreal Olympic Stadium inspires some mixed emotional reactions from the city's populace. Sentiments may officially head over to hates-ville, though, once people learn that the Olympic Stadium is the #1 Monumental Budget Buster in the world.

The ranking was given to the BigO by, after the site created an infographic on the "world's most eye-wateringly over-budget projects," where the Olympic Stadium crushes the competition. Just another amazing moment in Montreal construction history.

According to the infographic, the Montreal Olympic Stadium went as far as 1990% over budget, costing a whopping $3.1 billion. In comparison, the second and third on the list is Sydney's Opera House and the Scottish Parliament building, which went 1357% and 935% over budget, respectively. Needless to say, The Big O is the definite over-spending winner.

On the up side, when just analyzing the amount of actual money spent over the initial budget, Montreal only ranks 11th on the list, being $2.9 billion over budget.

To get a visual on just how the Montreal Olympic Stadium compares to other monumental budget busters, check out the infographic below, courtesy of Podio.

Monumental Budget Busters: A run-down of the world’s most eye-wateringly over budget projects.

Click image to see the interactive version (via Podio).

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