Montreal's Olympic Stadium Will Be Transformed Into An "Urban Campsite" This Summer

Get ready Montreal, because one of the coolest and most original events you've ever attended will be taking place this summer at the Jardinerie of the Olympic Stadium. 

I'm sure most of you have gone camping before, but have you ever been "urban camping"? 

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Urban camping is the art of finding an open are in the middle of a city and setting up camp there as if you were in the wilderness. It's even more fun than it sounds. 

And this July, you'll be able to set up camp right at the foot of the Olympic Stadium!

It's called Plante ta Tente aux Jardineries, and as they say on their Facebook event:

"You get a room with a view of the Olympic Stadium."

Via lesjardineries

Here's how it works: 

You bring you own camping gear to the Jardineries, and you have until noon on July 23rd to set up your camp. Then you get to spend the night under stars in Montreal Enchanted Garden.  

Check out the Facebook event for more information!