Montreal's Olympic Stadium's Winter 2015 Party Festival Kicks Off This Week

Hivernale will ensure winter is more than exciting.
Montreal's Olympic Stadium's Winter 2015 Party Festival Kicks Off This Week

Photo cred - Pepiniere

Weekends during the winter will never be boring, thanks to “hivernale,” a new party event hosted at Montreal's Olympic Stadium all throughout the snowy season. To be held every weekend 'til March, hivernale will begin its own three-month party season this week, with a combo opening & New Year's party.

Beginning at 8pm on Wednesday, December 31st, the hivernale opening/New Year's party will feature four different DJs who will be busting out the beats all night long, and into the early morning, an epic 2015 countdown (featuring a glowing disco ball), some delicious eats, and a lot more. Best of all, the entire opening/NYE party, and every subsequent jam, will be entirely free to get in.

What you can also expect to enjoy at hivernale will be a 2-track Bavarian curling rink, a free outdoor skating rink, and a fully stocked bar on-site, all of which will be permanent features available all throughout winter. Food will also be a focus at hivernale, with special street food menus (dubbed "Labo Culinaire") being created by chefs at every hivernale event.

Hivernale was created by Pépinière & Co., a non-profit organization based in Montreal who seek to recreate largely unused public spaces into new and improved venues, which is what was done with the Olympic Park's Esplanade Financière Sun Life. With different musical acts every weekend and a whole mess of other cool (pun intended) activities to be enjoyed at hivernale, we think it's safe to say Pépinière & Co. accomplished their goal.

See the full schedule of events for the hivernale season below, and head to the opening/NYE party Facebook page for all the details here. You can read a bit more on hivernale itself here.

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