Montreal’s Only Workout That’s Better Than Sex

You'll be burning a lot more calories than usual.
Montreal’s Only Workout That’s Better Than Sex

I’m as keen to get fit as the next girl, but it’s hard to find an exercise routine that isn’t all work and no play. To be honest, I struggle with fully committing to anything healthy, because most of the time, it’s just not the most appealing choice.

That excuse won't fly anymore thanks to Montreal’s first indoor cycling studio called Cadence Cycle. Their spin class/dance party will whip you into shape in the most fun way, with music-matched routines that get you riding to the beat.

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Part heart-pumping work-out, part hype dance party; Cadence Cycle takes the concept of a regular spin class and flips it on its head! Combining creative choreography, stationary cycling, free weights and core exercises, you get a proper full-body burn, all while jamming out to your favourite tunes and being able to be a part of the best fitness community in Montreal.

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Weekly themes and live DJ rides mean you buff up in style with the freshest jams pushing you to keep to the beat, and sweat your way to a perfect bikini bod in no time. Musical picks change constantly, and are as varied as Drake, Avicii, Rihanna and Taylor Swift, for the rhythm that best speaks to your inner beast.

Founder and owner Yaron Spitzer developed the Cadence method from his own passion for cycling with music, and is something of a pedal-pumping expert. An accomplished cyclist and athlete himself, Yaron’s unique spin techniques come from the knowledge that the best workouts always leave you wanting more.

It doesn’t even matter if you’re a spin virgin or a seasoned cyclist – the Cadence community welcomes riders of all levels, so it's easy to get out there and get your sweat on. Classes last 45 to 60 minutes, and each one is completely unique so you're guaranteed to find a spinning experience that fits your mood and pace.

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Located at 2585 Bates Road in T.M.R, Cadence Cycle’s workouts are the perfect way to increase your cardio, strengthen your core, and most importantly, burn off a whole summer’s worth of beer and barbecue indulgences.

Amazing instructors and a super positive and welcoming environment make for a stress-free workout every time, and will keep you coming back for more and more.

Personally, I find working out is a whole lot more fun with company, so ditch the lonely exercise videos and solitary runs this summer, and come get fit in a whole new way with Cadence Cycle’s one-of-a-kind classes. Trust.

Check out Cadence Cycle on Facebook for more information, or take a look at all the different spin classes on their websiteAnd for a limited time, Cadence is offering a promotion for FIRST TIME RIDERS - 3 rides for just $30.