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Montreal's Osheaga 2014 Summer Block Party Set To Take Over Saint-Laurent Street Today

Block parties are the best kind of parties.
Montreal's Osheaga 2014 Summer Block Party Set To Take Over Saint-Laurent Street Today

Mega Montreal music festival Osheaga is joining forces with some of Montreal's biggest names to bring you a weekend full of epic block parties. Come June 14th weekend, get prepared to party in the streets of Montreal with DJs, murals, and, of course, many a drink.

Mural Fest is the cause of the consecutive block parties, and the outdoor artistic event will be kicking off the weekend early on Thursday June 12th. Get to the now-famous Mural Fest parking lot (St. Laurent & Prince Arthur-ish) to see 5 artists create new murals for the city, with DJs and dancing for you to enjoy too.

Saintwoods will end the week off right on Friday with their own Saintwoods X Mural block party, featuring an incredible lineup of DJs including High Klassified, Ryan Playground, Jay London, and many more.

Saturday rings in Osheaga's official Mural block partyfor the second year in a row. The Underachievers and DJ Slink are headlining the event, and they're going to make sure your Saturday day-drunk is simply sublime.

Block party-action doesn't slow down on Sunday, with Art Battle closing off the festivities. Baiscally what it sounds like, Art Battle is a creative competition between artists, and expect the competitive energy to take Sunday's outdoor event to the next level.

For you simpletons who need the basic block party breakdown, here's the equation of awesome in store for you come Mural Fest weekend:

Mural Fest Opening on Thursday + Saintwoods Day on Friday + Osheaga Block Party on Saturday + Art Battle on Sunday

= One hell of a weekend.

Are you pumped for Mural Fest?

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