Montreal's Osheaga Ranked #7 Most Successful Music Festival In The World

Like we're even surprised.
Montreal's Osheaga Ranked #7 Most Successful Music Festival In The World

If there's one thing Montrealers are willing to fork out some dough for, it's a festival. And for lovers of music, one festival reigns supreme: Osheaga.

Droves of Montrealers spend dollars on dollars on festival passes to Osheaga, with many more attendees hailing from outside of the city. So many attend Osheaga, in fact, that the three-day event has been ranked as one of the world's most successful music festivals in the world.

To be specific, by "successful" we mean "highest-grossing," which is what the recent Forbes ranking of the world's top music festivals used as a measure.

Ranking festivals based on their ticket sales, Montreal's very own Osheaga was placed at the #7 spot, raking in a total of $9.25 million with 135,000 in attendance.

That's a lot of moolah, to say the least, but Osheaga's financial performance in 2015 paled in comparison to the higher-ranking music festivals on the list. Coachella alone brought in $84.26 million, more than triple what Outside Lands collected ($24.3 million) in the number two spot.

It's also worth nothing that the Forbes ranking of The Highest-Grossing Music Festivals Of 2015 doesn't include drink sales, food, or swag/merchandise of any sort. So really, Osheaga (and all the rest on the list) drain your wallet more than the list demonstrates.

To see how Osheaga stacks up against the commercial behemoths of music festivals in the world, check out the top ten below. For a more detailed breakdown, head to the Forbes article here.

Coachella: Total Gross: $84.26 million

Outside Lands: Total Gross: $24.3 million

Stagecoach: Total Gross: $21.88 million

Electric Daisy Carnival: $11.18 million

Byron Bay Bluesfest: $9.82 million

Bravalla Festival: $9.65 million

Osheaga: $9.25 million

Southside Festival: $9.2 million

Hurricane Festival: $8.68 million

Lollapalooza Brasil: $7.32 million