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Montreal's Osheaga Will Be Getting All-New Cool Free Seating Stages This Year

Changing things up never hurt anyone.
Montreal's Osheaga Will Be Getting All-New Cool Free Seating Stages This Year

How do you make the biggest musical festival of the year even better? Why, add some art, of course. That probably isn't why Osheaga and UQAM have teamed up to place student-made art installations at this year's festival, but we don't really need a reason anyway.

Two distinct art installations will be found at Osheaga 2014, each one created by a team of UQAM students. Here's what to expect out of the first collaboration between the school and the festival:

The "Oui, allô?" Installation

Six telephone booths will be set up around Parc Jean-Drapeau during Osheaga, all connected on the same radio-network. You can send messages to random booths, broken telephone style, and hear what others have to say from across the park. With the cacophony of sounds that is Osheaga, this looks to be a cool auditory experience.

The "Dunes" Installation

Finding a good spot to sit and chill for a hot minute can be kinda strugz at Osheaga, but the Dunes, a diamond-shaped sitting area where anyone can lie down, will alleviate that problem. Structured to reflect real sand dunes, the installation is divided in three parts and made of a comfy soft material, offering different vantage points to see the musical acts while also being relatively comfy.

Rather than read about 'em, get yourself to Osheaga and see the student-made art installations in-person. Not like you needed another reason to attend Osheaga anyway.

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