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Montreal's Outremont Bans Pit Bulls

The Montreal SPCA reacts.
Montreal's Outremont Bans Pit Bulls

Photo cred - dontblamethebreed

Montreal's SPCA is not happy with Outremont, and for good reason. The Montreal borough has not backed down on its ban targeting certain breeds of canines, and so Montreal's SPCA has officially stopped providing any animal services to the area in response, reports Journal Métro.

Outremont's dog-specific prohibition is called a "législation visant des races particulières" (LRP) which is basically a law that targets specific types of dogs and bans their ownership in the borough. In Outremont's case, the ban targets "pit bull type dogs," meaning any canine borough officials deem to look enough like a pit bull will not be allowed in the district.

The LRP enforced by Outremont targets dogs based on physicality, rather than behaviour or owner-habits, and is thus antithetical to the views of the Montreal SPCA. A representative speaking on behalf of the Montreal SPCA stated the organization would be happy to work with Outremont again, once the borough changes its legislation.

Bans against pit bulls aren't exactly new. Ontario enforced a province-wide ban on the pit bulls in 2005, which has been praised for reducing the number of bits and assaults enacted by the breed. There's even a Facebook group devoted to the support of pit bull bans. While pit bulls may be quite large, and capable of hurting people, lets not forget how dogs are a reflection of their owners, and we've all been bitten by small and "cute" dogs before. Just something to keep in mind.

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