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Montreal's Parc Jean-Drapeau Is Hosting A "Zombie Run" This October

Nothing gets you moving like a pack of hungry zombies.
Montreal's Parc Jean-Drapeau Is Hosting A "Zombie Run" This October

Photo cred - Axel G

Need some motivation to get yourself running outdoors? How about an incoming horde of flesh eating zombies? It's safe to assume that in a brain-threatening situation like that anyone would get their asses in gear. The motivating fear of the undead is coming to Parc Jean-Drapeau this Halloween season with the Apocalypse Run.

A 5 and 10km run like no other, the Apocalypse Run puts you right into the realm of a horror movie, as you run through the track with creatures of the night creeping behind you. Zombies may be slow, but if you don't keep your pace up, you may not make it through the race.

Even more incentive are the cash prizes awarded to the top three runners in each of the 11 age groups for both the 5km and 10km tracks. A 1km toddler-centric "Pumpkin Course" will also be held for those too young to outrace zombies.

If running isn't your jam, you can still be a part of the Apocalypse Run, as every undead horde needs zombies to flesh out the ranks (see what I did there?). You can become a volunteer brain-eater and just walk through the course. Besides, being a zombie is more fun than running from them anyway.

The Apocalypse Run will be held at Parc Jean-Drapeau on October 25th. Get all the info at the official event listing here.

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