Montreal's Parc La Fontaine & Parc Jeanne Mance Have Banned Cyclists

Two new no-biking signs have been set up in Montreal, both in an unlikely spot: the park. La Fontaine and Jeanne-Mance are the parks in question, having just been staked with signs prohibiting cycling, a sudden development which is sure to inconvenience many Montrealers.

Vélo Québec is pretty peeved about the decision, especially given the fact that the organization wasn't even contacted or consulted about the new signage. The non-profit organization points out how no fatal injuries or accidents have ever happened while biking in a park, putting the purpose of the new signs into question.

Of the two signs, one is set up right at the corner of Mont-Royal and Esplanade, just before the Jeanne Mance park-path, which will be a major inconvenience to cyclists who want to get downtown, as Parc is the only alternative route. Vélo Québec also points out the signs contradict the path's yellow bike lines painted on the asphalt, which literally invite cyclists into the park.

A violation of the new no-cycling regulation could get you a $100 ticket, so be wary cyclists. Even if you don't think the signs are necessary, you could still get fined.

Head of Montreal's parks, Réal Ménard, reacted to Vélo Québec's complaints, even saying it was a "mistake" not to consult the group. Apparenty the new signs aren't final, and could potentially be removed.

A town hall meeting, with Vélo Québec in attendance, will be held early next month to decide the fate of these new signs and regulations. Let's hope cyclists only have to deal with these changes for a few weeks, and the final decision is made in favour of bikes in parks.

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