Montreal's Parking Price Map

Are you in the most expensive zone?
Montreal's Parking Price Map

Have you ever stopped at a parkometer, head to pay for a 3 hour block only to realize it will cost you $9!

This isn't underground, heated, valet parking either. This is regular old, outdoor, "The guy who will park in front of me will definitely scratch my bumper" street parking.

Well too bad, you just happen to be inside Montreal;'s most expensive parking zone.

There are the 5 parking zones in Montreal. 

Photo cred - googlemaps

  • The Blue zone is the most expensive at $3.00 an hour
  • The Yellow zone will cost you $2.50 an hour
  • The Violet zones will cost you $2.00 an hour
  • The Green zones will cost you $1.50 an hour
  • Any other parkometer you encounter in the rest of Montreal will cost you $1.00 an hour

But in case you'd rather not park on the street and choose a parking lot instead, they usually don't cost much more then regular parking:

 Click here for the complete map of all of Montreal's paid parking lots.


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