Montreal's Peace Park Now Has Signs Officially Allowing Skateboarding

Signs make things legit.

Photo cred - Milton Clark

Some brand new signage has been placed in Peace Park, officially sanctioning skateboarders to skate in the downtown area. The makeshift signs were placed in Peace Park to physically represent the recently announced pilot project allowing skateboarding in the park, and while it took a month for the signs to go up, now they're up for everyone to see.

David Boots, the man largely responsible for the skateboarding pilot project getting approval from the city's administration, saw the new signs were set up last Friday and shared his enthusiasm via Facebook. In the video below, shared on Boots' timeline, you can see the signs yourself.


David Boots

As the sign outlines, skateboarding is only allowed from 10am 'til 9pm, with the pilot project only in effect until September 26th. If all things go well and the city recognizes skateboarders can amicably interact with the Peace Park community and local residents, skateboarding may be sanctioned all the time next year.

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