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Montreal's Old Port Is Hosting Free Outdoor Fantasia Fest Movies This Weekend

Montreal's Old Port Is Hosting Free Outdoor Fantasia Fest Movies This Weekend

Photo cred - Isabelle Stephen

The 2014 edition of the Fantasia International Film Festival is less than a week away, meaning tons of amazing movies you can't see anywhere else will br gracing screens all around the city. To get you excited for the festival, Fantasia is hosting an entirely free outdoor film screening tomorrow night.

Part of the ongoing Fantasia Under The Stars series, tomorrow's screening will begin at 9pm, to be held at Brasserie McAuslan (map) in the Old Port.

Tomorrow's show won't be your standard film, not by a long shot. Fantasia will be screening DJ XL5’s Spandex Zappin’ Party, a mish-mash of videos sequenced by DJ XL5, all having something to do with spandex. DJ XL5 will be hosting the show, and as someone who has been to previous Zappin' Party shows, I can tell you they're always incredibly fun, high energy, and filled with crazy content.

For an idea of what's in store for you at Fantasia Under the Stars tomorrow, check out a snippet of DJ XL5’s Spandex Zappin’ Party below.

The full film list for Fantasia 2012 just dropped yesterday, so if you like what you see tomorrow, be sure to plan out your viewing schedule, 'cuz there's a lot to see.

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