Montreal's Peace Park's 19th Birthday Party Jam Recap Video

A celebration for one of Montreal's iconic park.

A huge outdoor event was held to celebrate the Nov. 20th inauguration date, with cake, beer, skateboarding and the people that make Peace Park so unique.  You can watch all the magic below.,

November 23rd the 19th birthday of Peace Park, a cultural hub for the urban community of Montreal.

Along with ringing in the 19th year of Peace Park, the party-video wants to remind Montrealers that Peace Park was built to uphold the city's commitment to Nuclear Disarmament & Global Peace. Issues start at home, and Montreal, or any city, needs to fix its own social issues before any form of world peace can be attained. 

Be sure to watch 'til the end for a surprise and exclusive Peace Park song!

Shout outs to all the people who helped make it happen, Full Course, Prophecy Izis,Rasta Line for performing, and to Primitive, Pabst Blue Ribbon, GreenlightGallery, Le Rock Shop, EMBC,and EXPOSÉ Magazine!