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Montreal's Pizza Season Is Almost Here

A six week city-wide pizza extravaganza never before seen in Montreal.
Montreal's Pizza Season Is Almost Here

Forget coloured leaves and pumpkin pie, pizza is the new star of the season. Fall will now be known as Pizza Season, a city-wide event in Montreal celebrating the food staple. Directly following Little Italy's second annual Pizza Week, Pizza Season will begin on October 12th and run until November 23rd. That's six weeks of guilt free pizza eating, so get hungry Montreal.

A defining feature of Pizza Season is how much of a role you, the pizza eater and lover, will play. Pizza Season is a celebration of pizza, to let Montreal at-large know exactly where you think serves up the best slices. Using social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), or coupons in the restos, you will get to promote your favourite Montreal pizza. A winner for most popular pizza, not necessarily the best, will be awarded at end of Pizza Season, with an epic pizza party thrown for the winning pizza pie-makers.

The first event of its kind, things are still a little hush-hush on the specifics of Pizza Season. A full restaurant list, pizza profiles, and social media tags have yet to be released. Rest assured we'll be more than on top of it and keep you in the loop. What is clear is that Pizza Season aims to make pizza, a much loved, but still underrated food staple of Montreal, the star, and not just a quick meal on the go or simple drunk food. Pizza Season will be a fun and interactive way to promote pizza, the unsung food hero of Montreal, which has gotten us through late nights and hungry afternoons.

Be sure to keep connected on Pizza Season. LIKE Pizza Season on Facebook, FOLLOW on twitter, and SURF on the official website. Check back in at MTL Blog for all the major updates.

Excited to get munching on pizza? Got a favourite spot you think needs to be included in the festivities? Let us know in the comments below.

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