Montreal's Place Des Arts Is Turning Into A Free "Winter Wonderland Playground"

Luminothérapie is back and even better.
Montreal's Place Des Arts Is Turning Into A Free "Winter Wonderland Playground"

Now a yearly tradition, Luminothérapie makes a return to Place des Arts (or Place des Festival, if you're being nitpick-y) for its sixth edition ever, and this year looks more dynamic than ever.

Going by the name "Impulsion," this year's Luminothérapie installation will feature "an interactive playground of 30 illuminated seesaws," as described on the Quartier des spectacles organizers.

The whole setup seems pretty cool, almost like the musical swings, except in winter...and with lights. Okay, so maybe they're not that similar, but there's definitely a thematic link.

Equipped with LED lights and speakers, the Impulsion seesaws will make a sound as soon as you sit on them, with the light emanating from the seesaws changing as you go up and down. So as you play, you'll create a symphony of light and music that will fill the entire Place des Festival grounds with a winter wonderland-esque ambiance.

You can also look forward to nine projection sites to be installed around Quartier des Spectacles, which will be set up by Montreal-based artists Maotik and Irregular. Music will accompany the permanent projections, to be orchestrated by Mitchell Akiyama.

Perhaps best of all, the entire Luminothérapie set up will be entirely free and open to everyone. For more details and updates, head over to the official Facebook event page here.

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