Montreal's Plateau Mont-Royal Installs All-New Water Fountain Fire Hydrants For The Public

Rather than let fire hydrants remain unused, the borough of Plateau Mont-Royal has found an alternative use for the bright red water deposits. Using a newly created water extraction system, fire hydrants in the Plateau will become water fountains.

Dubbed the "Borneo system" the fire hydrant-water fountains were installed yesterday, and will start pumping water into parched mouths on Monday. The water fountains are part of a new initiative created by the borough, in collaboration with l'Association des designers industriels du Québec and Montreal's department of water.

Two specific spots/hydrants will be transformed into public water sources:

  • Corner of Brébeuf and Mont-Royal (map)
  • Corner of St. Laurent and Mont-Royal (map)

Locations will potentially change as the summer goes on, as the fountain-attachment can be placed on any hydrant.

Staying cool cool during the summer just got easier. To put you at ease, the fountain-hydrants have been officially approved by Montreal's water & fire safety department, so if you see a wheel-hitched hydrant, feel free to lap up some h20.

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