Montreal's Plateau Mont-Royal To Host Public Karaoke Events In Parks This Fall

Photo cred - Journal Metro

It's nearly time to take your singing out of the shower and into the heart of the Plateau, as the borough will be hosting several public karaoke sessions this fall.

A combo project created with la Société de développement du boulevard Saint-Laurent, the Plateau's public karaoke events hope to foster new bonds within the community, because nothing strengthens relationships better than bad singing. That wasn't even sarcasm, poorly singing karaoke with people really is a legit bonding experience.

The Plateau's public karaoke sessions will be held on Saturday afternoons at parc du Portugal, and will run 'til about 6pm, so no one gets pissed about noise levels late at night. Three events will be held, all occurring sometime between September 15th and October 15th.

You got a few months to choose your perfect karaoke song (dibs on Total Eclipse of the Heart) but make sure not to practice too much. The best part about karaoke is how everyone is kinda sucky. If you can actually sing, please resist the urge participate, no one likes a showoff.

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