Montreal's Police Officers Are Handing Out Free $100 Bills To Montrealers At Metro Stations

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Montreal's police force have pulled a Grinch, with their hearts growing three sizes bigger. Doing away with tickets for the Christmas season, the SPVM, well, one officer anyway, has been replacing fines with the best of all Xmas gifts: cold hard cash.

Many merry Montrealers have recently reported being handed a c-note by a partciularly generous police officer, who is apparently targeting older automobiles, reports JdeM. In total, the officer is said to have fifty $100 bills (so $5000) to hand out over the holidays, with the charitable initiative funded by an unknown "friend" of the officer.

Erika Marchand came to us with a similar story. On Wednesday, Marchand and a close friend were getting out of her car at Charlevoix metro, accompanied by the friend's six month old baby. A male police officer approached the trio, and while Marchand thought the gent was going to reprimand her for parking in a bus zone. He sparked a conversation instead.

After asking Marchand and her friend about their lives, with the friend recounting how she is currently trying to finish school while also taking care of her newly born daughter, the officer posed another question: do you believe in Santa?

More than a little perplexed, Marchand was dumbstruck, and when the officer reached into his pocket, she was still sure he was going to give her a ticket. Instead, the policeman pulled out two $50, handed one to each of the two women, wished the pair a merry Christmas, and went on his way.

Looks like the officer isn't restricted to only $100 bills, but seems to be sticking to the sum for every donation-situation.

The exact details as to who the Santa-esque officer is, or the identity of mysterious benefactor is (Bruce Wayne?) remain a mystery, but that's besides the point. What really matters is how one lone Montreal police officer is making it his duty to spread some cheer this holiday season. As Marchand put it "his montreal police officer restores faith in humanity and demonstrates the true meaning of christmas"

We couldn't agree more.

Photo cred – Yoel

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