Montreal's "Polish Food Festival" Will Satisfy Your Pierogi And Sausage Cravings

Happening this month!
Montreal's "Polish Food Festival" Will Satisfy Your Pierogi And Sausage Cravings

Since the dawn of time man has eaten dumplings. The evidence: travel absolutely anywhere in the world from Asia to South American to North Africa, and you will find some form of fried or boiled dough filled with meat and vegetables.

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Perogies - also known as Varenyky - are stuffed dumplings of Central and Eastern Europe.  Traditionally served with sour cream, fried onions, and melted butter - these doughy balls of goodness are a mind-blowing carb bomb that naturally always comforts and hits the spot.

On Saturday, April 21st,  The Committee for Relief to Polish Children invites you to their traditional bi-annual Bazaar, where they will be serving homemade polish dishes like Perogies, sausage, and more!

This church bazaar has a charitable mission to help institutions provide care for handicapped children by contributing to the purchase of wheelchairs, orthopedic shoes, hearing aids and other therapeutic equipment.

The church is located close to Snowdon Metro and the festivities being at 10AM and run until about 4PM. Their previous installment of the event was so successful they ran out of food. So we advise you to be an early bird and get there early!

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This is a great community event to check out because by attending this festival, you will not only be sampling some delicious home-made polish delights but also provide support to a community in need!

For more info check out the Facebook event HERE.

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