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Montreal's Poutine Week 2015

All 40 participating restaurants listed.
Montreal's Poutine Week 2015

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Nothing is more enticing to a Montrealer than a poutine, no matter the time of year. But in February, the city goes absolutely crazy for poutines thanks to the most amazing week-long food event created by man: La Poutine Week.

Back and better than ever for the third year in a row, La Poutine Week 2015 will be using the same simple concept that you already love. For one whole week, 40 Montreal restaurants will be serving a signature (and discounted!) poutine all in hopes of being crowned poutine champion of Montreal.

Starting February 1st to the 7th, Montreal's greatest poutineries will be trying to wow your taste buds with the best poutine they can muster for your mouth, as you vote online for the top poutine in the city. Eating 40 poutines in 7 days is a pretty big feat, so plan out your week by checking out the full La Poutine Week 2015 restaurant list below.

Be sure to get all the tasty info and any updates by heading to the official La Poutine Week website and Facebook page here.

Photo cred- La Poutine Week

Fabergé's "The People's Waffle"

  • Crispy potato waffle, topped with braised duck, QC cheese and gravy.

Copper Branch's "Healthy Vegan Poutine"

  • Poutine with a Portobello and Miso sauce that is entirely vegan, gluten-free and is definitely healthy.

Biiru's "Biiru Poutine"

  • Dashi gravy, karaage fried chicken, cheese curds

Lola Rosa Parc's "La Raspoutine"

  • A Russian-inspired poutine with a Romanoff sauce.

Dirty Dogs' "The Boss Poutine"

  • French fries drenched in a duck based sauce, home-made Dr. Pepper chili, onions, red cabbage coleslaw and a drizzle of Dirty Dogs mustard.


  • TBA

Lallouz Kebaberie's "Lallouz La Poutine"

  • Hand cut fries mixed with Zaatar with house gravy and merguez sausage

Frite Alors! "Poutine Tacos"

  • Mexican seasonned ground beef, sour cream and avocado with a touch of Habanero pepper on the Frite Alors famous fries.

Bofinger BBQ's "The Hat Trick"

  • Mixture of regular and sweet potato fries topped with pulled pork, cheese curds, house peppercorn sauce, and beef eater onion rings.

Broue Pub Brouhaha's "La Faim de Loup"

  • This poutine starts off with juicy pulled braised lamb and it does not the decadence there. Underneath is a bed of crispy fries doused in duck gravy, then topped with wild mushrooms juices and garnished with caramelized pearl onions, sautéed chanterelles, fried diced bacon and cheddar cheese curds.

Photo cred- La Poutine Week

La Cabane du Portugal's "Poutine å l'Alentejana"

  • Filets of marinated pork sautéed with clams served on cubed fried potatoes with Quebec curd cheese.

Burger Royal

  • TBA

Thursday's "Thursday Poutine"

  • A poutine with 2-year aged cheddar, lardons, cipollini, onions, and mushrooms

Pâtes Bol's "Horace"

  • A BBQ inspired poutine with pulled pork and corn, gravy, cheese curds, and fresh penne rigate instead of fries.

Monsieur Resto + Bar's "Poutine 'Monsieur C.Verde"

  • A mix of yukon and sweet potato fries, local cheese curds and grated mozzarella, sautéed wild mushrooms and kale, and crispy chorizo.

Bar Brutus' "Jägerfirepoutine"

  • Yukon Gold fries, gouda Cheese, caramelized red onions, Jägermeister and chipotle sauce, "picanha" bacon, all set on fire.

Restaurant Kyomi's "La Poutine Sizzling"

  • On a hot plate, a poutine served with home fries, grilled chicken, cheese curds, caramelized onions all covered with teriyaki sauce.


  • TBA

La Banquise's "La Folie"

  • Homefries and cheese curds topped with spicy sausage, bacon, corn, mushrooms and red onion, served with pepper sauce and sour cream.

Poutineville's "Cabane à Sucre"

  • A fresh pancake and topped with tempura bacon strips, crushed potatoes, cheese curds, bacon, ham, poutine sauce, baked beans, chopped omelette, and pure maple syrup.

Photo cred- La Poutine Week

Chez Chose "PoutiChose"

  • Eumatimi beef "macreuse" smoked-meat style, Cloutier cheese shavings, homemade pickles and truffle oil meat glaze.

Les Enfants Terribles "Poutine Enfants Terribles"

  • Fries topped with Porcini gravy, St-Guillaume cheese, smoked lard and chives.

Mont-Royal Hot-Dog's "Mont Royal Poutine"

  • A mountain of fries topped with cheddar cheese, gravy, mushrooms, onions, sauteed green peppers, pepperoni, bacon, and grilled hot dogs.


  • TBA

Mckibbin's Irish Pub "Chilipoutine"

  • Beer braised short rib chili on a bed of fries with cheese curds, topped with picco de gallo, avocado cream and crispy tortilla.

Burger Bar's "L'affaire"

  • Not quite sure but its apparently called L'affaire because it is pure decadence. Expect intensity.

Poutine Centrale "La 'Wannabe' Pierogies"

  • Tasty home fries, fresh cheese-curds and classic brown sauce with a delicious mixture of real smoked bacon, caramelized onions, jumped mushrooms, and sour cream.

Uniburger's "UNI-Fries"

  • Crisp golden fries topped with smooth velvet cheese, grilled onions and Uniburger's secret sauce.

La Taverne F par Ferreira's "Salted Cod Ferreira Poutine"

  • Homemade french fries, salted cod, caramelized onions, creamy sauce, cheese curds, and lemon zest.


  • TBA

Le Gourmet Burger's Poutine

  • Hand cut fries, fresh curd cheese, house gravy sauce, caramelized onions, sautéed minced beef, and choice of a gourmet sauce (Thai style peanut, Japanese zesty curry, Lebanese tahini) garnished with black sesame and shallots.

Melrose Restaurant-Bar's "Melrose Poutine"

  • Spicy french fries, fresh homemade chilli sauce with red kidney beans, homemade meatballs, all topped with fresh mozzarella.

La Bêtise's "Animal Style Poutine"

  • Home fries, cheese curds, ground steak, caramelized onions, pickles all draped with an intense creamy sauce.

Pub Burgundy Lion "La Poutine Colonial"

  • A traditional Tikka masala chicken Poutine garnished with cucumber yogourt, Coriander and crispy chicken skin.

Lucky's Truck et Gueule de bois' "Kraft & Beef"

  • Crispy homemade fries, jalapenos Kraft Dinner sauce, fresh cheese, GDB meatball and green peas.
  • Gueule de bois

    3353 Ontario Est,

    Montreal, Quebec,

    H1W 1P8

ParkWay Resto Pub's "Heart Breaker"

  • Fries lightly seasoned with smoked salt, with smoked turkey, stuffing made from a trio of sausages, a blend of Quebec cheese curds, turkey gravy and lastly topped with bacon, corn and green onion hash.

Restaurant Copoli

  • TBA

Pub Quartier Latin "Poutine Pulled Pork PQL"

  • A generous portion of pulled pork with sautéed mushrooms and PQL truffle sauce, with Parmesan Reggiano.

Photo cred- La Poutine Week

Chez Boris' "Vladimir Végétarienovich Poutine"

  • An original "Rus-Que-Mex" beet, 3-bean and smokey chipotle peppers chili all served on top of doughnut dough fries and squeaky cheese curds.

ART:BRGR's "Caveman Meat Poutine"

  • No real idea, but expect tons of meat.

Ryu's "Seafood Poutine"

  • Unclear, we're guessing there's fish involved.

Which poutines will you go and try for La Poutine Week 2015?