Montreal’s Poutine Week 2017

A celebration of the city's most famous dish.
Montreal’s Poutine Week 2017


La Poutine Week 2017


February 1 - 7


Various restaurants throughout Montreal

Well, guys, we're officially in the throes of 2017. A brand new year has descended upon Montreal, and with it, some seriously awesome activities.

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Like the 2017 edition of La Poutine Week Montreal.

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An annual festival taking place in the city since 2012, La Poutine Week will return this year from February 1-7.

For those who don't know, La Poutine Week is a week-long event meant to celebrate - and rate - the city's tastiest, coolest poutines.

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You can expect all the usual contenders to take part, including La Banquise, Lola Rosa Park and Pub BreWsky.

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But a few new Montreal restaurants will participate this year, too, like Le Bird Bar, Le P'tit Creux Du Plateau, and Birona Hummus Bar.

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Winners last year included Shawarmaz for most votes, Bar Brutus for the judge's choice, and Ha for most creative... So we can only guess what magical poutines this year has in store for us.

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The official list of places participating is yet to drop, but keep your eyes peeled for updates.

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Sound like the most fun food fest ever? Then check out La Poutine Week's official website for updates and more information.

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